Your information is maintained in real time, on your machine. Unlike some competitors, you control who has access to your sales figures and pricing structure. All training is accomplished on your machine with your information allowing an increased learning curve for your employees.



We pride ourselves on a high level of customer service and satisfaction. You will reach a “live” person 100% of the time, no recordings, no annoying prompting, no voice message 24/7.

Average response time with IBS - less than 15 minutes!



Our corporate mission includes a desire to provide the highest quality product and the friendliest support - all at the best price in the market.

Our support fees average less than 1/2 of what competitors charge. We never require you to replace your system, either!

Longest Life Span

life span

We sell network servers designed to last 8-12 years - the longest in the industry today. We NEVER require you to upgrade your system in order to continue support!

More Features

more features

We proudly offer the most comprehensive lumber software package available anywhere!

We also offer mobile apps for managing your system.

Network Speed


Our system can handle anything from the simplest to the most complex business models. Some of our customers store hundreds of thousands of SKUs, millions of previous ticket sales and all sales history. The speed and reliability of our systems make it all possible.

Program Source


We give our users optional access to source code to modify and customize software as needed. We know of NO other competitor that offers source code with the system.

Family Business


We take pride in the fact that we are a family owned and operated business! Our customers are treated as part of our family, which means that you get the best-quality customer relations out there.

On-site Installation

on-site installation

We setup your network AND train your staff on-site. You never have to leave your home state!

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